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From revolutionary pre-cut crab trap wire to Gator Power

Southern Wire

Southern Wire has created an interesting
line of her own as a manufacturer and

We believe in renovating the tradition when the traditional roll
wire can not meet the requirements of fast and easy trap
construction. We also value passing the savings to our customer
when they place their trusts in us.

We receive phone calls on a daily basis about shipping out of state. If you
are interested in representing our exclusive products in your area,
please contact us.

Recreational fishermen in South Louisiana, please contact our LOCAL DISTRIBUTORS for crab traps under 15 pieces.

Launching in spring 2012 New pre-cut crab trap wire package- the Perfect Mesh™ Patent Pending Pre-cut Crawfish Wire package for pillow trap ¾” X ¾” Craw-Mesh™

In the photo: Mr. Jules Melancoon in Grand Isle with the very first oyster bottom cage Drill-Free™-- designed and manufactured for the water culture in South Louisiana. Read More

Southern Wire

Semi-Automatic Hand Pliers and 9/16" Stainless Steel D Rings

We have been searching for the ultimate pillow trap building tools for the longest time. We asked ourselves how we can help our fellow fisherman to eliminate the pains on reloading hog rings on hand pliers one piece at the time. Pneumatic air gun does not seem to be the answer for a seasonal business.

Finally the answer is here!

Pillow Trap Tool Kit


Southern Wire Crab Trap
How To Build a Commercial Crab Trap

We have just completed our “how to build a commercial crab trap” page with more pictures and step-by-step instructions.

Better yet, this time we are giving you a Youtube instruction video!

See the Instructional Videos


From Huricanne Katrina to 2010 Oil Spill, are you still hanging in there defending your way of life? What doesn't kill us makes us stronger.

We salute you! Our fellow commercial fishermen! Our shrimpers, crabbers and oysterman in South Louisiana. We take our hats off to you!