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Commercial Crabbing

Southern Wire has thousands of crab traps in stock on a daily basis. Please call to check our inventory for today's shipment. All our crab traps are built with our exclusive products - Pneumatic Air gun and stainless steel C-Rings by experienced full-time builders. We gurantee that there are no loose hog rings on our traps because we do not use hand pliers or hog rings!

What’s new?

Building crab traps is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Want to see how to build a crab trap with pre-cut wire? Click here!

See how to build a commercial crab trap. Click here!

If you ask what’s new in the crab trap industry, you will definitely be told PRE-CUT wire!


PRE-CUT wire may not be new to you. Any fisherman or trap builder can measure and cut roll wire, and maybe some of you have already purchased PRE-CUT wire that was cut by your wire supplier.  However, Southern Wire PRE-CUT wire is revolutionary in the way that it is cut, galvanized, and PVC coated at the factory.  There is no trimming necessary and no picky edges that will cut or scratch your hands.  This PRE-CUT wire also has double-strengthened borders.

The PRE-CUT wire that is manufactured and distributed solely by Southern Wire Co. is simply amazing, or should we say, a dream-come-true for the commercial crab fisherman


Affordable Pre-Cut Crab Traps

The only reason we can supply pre-cut crab trap wire at a very affordable price is simply because we manufacture this product overseas and distribute it on our own.  We experience a great volume of phone calls and emails inquiring about shipping and distributing our pre-cut wire.  If you would like information about shipping or distributing Southern Wire PRE-CUT wire, please click on the “How to Order” or “Contact Us” link at the top of this page.

Importing and Distributing

If you are interested in importing our products and distribute in your area, please contact our supplier Rightec Co. Ltd. The minimum ordering quantity is one 40' container.

There are 12 traps in a bundle. Each crab trap is consisted of three pieces of pre-cut wire including two large pieces and one baffle (middle partition).

32 mesh package is a exception with two large pieces only. There are 15 traps in this bundle of wire.


Pre-Cut Wire
Crab Traps
Crab Trap Rigged



Crab Trap Rigged

Please contact us for a quote on rigged crab traps.  Prices vary with crab trap quantity, size, and accessories installed.

Pre-Cut Crab Trap Wire

1 ½” X 1 ½” square 32 mesh
15 traps per package, 8 mesh high
1 ½” X 1 ½” square 34 mesh
12 traps per package, 9 mesh high
1 ½” X 1 ½” square 38 mesh
12 traps per package, 11 mesh high
1 ½” X 1 ½” square 40 mesh
12 traps per package, 12 mesh high
Pre-Cut Crab Trap Wire


Crab Traps

Crabs in Trap

Click here to see how to build a crab trap with pre-cut wire

Pyramid Trap

Miniature Crab Trap

5.5" high X 9" X 9"

Pyramid Trap with Extension

8 mesh high, 3-funnel without baffle (Flap Jack)

12" high X 24" X 24"

Pillow Trap

9 mesh high, 3-funnel with half baffle (Easy Dump)

13.5" high X 24" X 24"

Crawfish Button

11-mesh high, 4-funnel with baffle

16.5" high X 24" X 24"

Crawfish Clips

12-mesh high, 4-funnel with baffle

18" high X 24" X 24"

Crawfish Clips

1/2" x 1" Bait Box Wire Set (3 pieces)

9" X 16"

Crawfish Clips

Pre-Made Funnels

11.5" wide from side to side
(7 mesh wide)

Crawfish Clips

1" x 1" Pre-Cut Bait Box Wire
Set (3 pieces)

9" X 16"


Rightec Co. LTD
Rightec Co. Ltd. is a registered corporation located in Tao-yuan, Taiwan specializing in sourcing for a variety of products.

Please tell us your specific interest in our products.

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Our minimum importing quantity is one 40' container. We can consolidate your goods with other suppliers or deliver our goods to them if the quantity of our goods is smaller.

A 40' container can ship a maximum of 16 pallets of Pre-Cut wire. There will be limited room on the top and sides of the pallets for other items such as pre-cut bait boxes, pre-made funnels, accessories, etc. Each pallet contains 30 packages of pre-cut wire (12 traps per package). Sixteen pallets of Pre-Cut wire will build 5,760 traps.

Please allow at least 60 days for delivery after the order. It takes 30 to 45 days for production and approximately 25 days for shipping from overseas.

For the first-timer, you will need a local customs broker to claim the goods and arrange a truck shipment for you. Our payment term is 100% bank wiring upon ordering.