How to build a crab trap with pre-cut wire

Step 1:

  • Cut the baffle piece of wire in the middle and open up the cuts.
    • We will flatten up in between the two openings with a hammer.

Cutting Baffleflattening

Step 2:

  • Shape the pre-cut 9" X 16" (1"x1" per mesh) into a square bait box and install 4" X 4" top. Then c ring down under the baffle.
    • If you shape the bait box round, you can order 5" X 5" for the top and 5" X 6" for the door to fully cover the bait box. Round bait box is bigger than square even if you use the same piece of wire.

Installing Bait Box

Step 3:

  • Bend the two 38 mesh panels and fasten the frame with baffle and bait box inside. On the 11 mesh trap, the baffle stay on the 5th mesh counting from the bottom of the trap.
    • (We normally c-ring on every other mesh and double c ring on the corners).

Installing first panelInstalling Second Panel

Step 4:

  • Tie the bait box door 5" X 5" piece onto the bait box under the trap and tie the plastic hook with bungee on the front of the trap.

Installing Door with BungeeInstalling Plastic Hook

Step 5:

  • Install 4 funnels on each sides. Cut 6 meshs off from left to right at the center of each side, depending on the location you will install your escape rings. The staggering-cut pattern looks like this.

Cutting pattern 1Cutting Pattern 2

  • Twist all the funnel wire onto crab trap. You can also use hog rings or c rings to firmly secure it on the trap.