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How To Make An 11 Mesh Crab Trap

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Southern Wire Crab Trap
2- 38 X 16 mesh panels 
1- 19 X 16 mesh panel (baffle)
1 - 9 X 16  mesh panel (1X1 SQ. mesh - bait box)
1 - 4 X 4  mesh panel (1X1 SQ. mesh - bait box)
1 - 5 X 5  MESH PANEL
(1X1 SQ. mesh - bait box)
4- pre-made funnels
Bungee cord (approx.  2  1/2 FT.)
1- plastic hook
Hog ring tool    (1/2" Pneumatic C-ring gun is used in this demonstration)
1/2" stainless steel hog rings / c-rings
Needle nose pliersflush cut cutting pliers
















Souther Wire Crab Trap


Lay panel on flat surface with horizontal strands on bottom. Using a straight edge on the 12th mesh, bend left side up. You will have 11 mesh from top to bottom.

From the bend, count 16 mesh to the right. Using a straight edge on the 16th mesh,bend wire up. You will have 11 mesh from top to bottom. 








Cut the baffle openings before bending wire.  To cut the openings, lay baffle flat with vertical strands on the bottom.  You will have 19 mesh from left to right and16 mesh from top to bottom. 

From left to right, count 10 mesh. From top tobottom (in the 10th mesh) skip one full mesh and begin cutting (in middle of mesh) 5 horizontal strands. 

Skip 2 full mesh (3 horizontal strands) and cut another 5 strands,leaving a full mesh on the bottom.






Using a suspended 2" x 6" board (such as a sawhorse), place the 10th mesh on board and bend sides down.  It is not necessary to have a 90 degree angle.

The baffle should have an arch in the top.  You will have 9 full mesh on eachside.  From the bend, count 3 full mesh and bend wire up at an approximately 30 degree angle on each side. 

After bending the wire, pull baffle openings to desired width.The baffle should look like this:

southern wire








9x16 PANEL (1" X 1" SQ. MESH - BAIT BOX)

souther wire

Lay panel flat with 16 mesh horizontal and 9 mesh vertical. Using a straight edge, bend on every 4th mesh.  This will make a box with 4 mesh on each side. 

Close bait box by using a c-ring/hog ringin every other mesh.  Attach the 4x4 lid on top of box with c-rings in each corner.









southern wire

Attach bait box to baffle - Place bait box in the center of baffle openings and attach at the 3rdhorizontal strand (from bend - counting down).  There will be 2 full mesh between the top of the bait box and baffle.  Repeat on the other side.








Using one 38 x 16 mesh panel, lay panel flat with bent sides up.  Place baffle and bait box in the center of the panel and attach the edge of baffle to side of panel between the 5th and 6thmesh from the bottom of the trap. southern wire crab trap







Place the other 38 x 16 mesh panel on the top with bent sides facing down.  Align sides and  begin closing edges with c-rings/hog rings, skipping every other mesh and using double rings in corners.Be mindful that you will need to leave one top side without rings for your trap opening.

Once the outer shell of the trap is closed, attach the side of the baffle to the side of the trap.Push the arch down until the flat portion of the baffle lines up between the 5th and 6th meshfrom the bottom. C-ring/hog ring the arch and then the rest of the baffle, skipping every other mesh.

southern wire crab trap







southern wire

With the opening of the trap facing you, counting left to right on the top of the trap, attach bungee in the 5th mesh and measure bungee to the 12th mesh.  Cut bungee and insert hook.

Attach the end of bungee in the 12th mesh.  Pull hook down to desired spot.







With trap upside down, align bait box into a 3x3 grid.  Attach bait box to trap.  Cut out 3x3 grid to make bait box opening.

Attach 5x5 bait box door to one edge of opening.  Insert bungee in 3rd mesh on door and 3rd meshof bait box.  Bring bungee up through mesh behind bait box.  Tie a simple knot and c-ring/hog ring.cut off excess bungee and use a needle nose pliers to position knot behind bait box. 




















From bottom of trap counting up, skip one full mesh and cut out a 7 mesh (horizontal) by 3 mesh(vertical) grid.  Leave 3 prongs on top and bottom and two on each side of grid to secure funnel in place.  Insert funnel into opening and bend prongs over the funnel wire.  Bend funnel wire overtrap wire.
Southern Wire