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Southern WireThe trailblazing is done. The heroes are born. What are you going to write on the new page of your family’s oystering story, Louisiana?






After his family’s 100 years of bottom dredging in Grand Isle, the third-generation oysterman Jules Melancon is facing the challenge of transitioning from being an oyster fisherman all his life to a commercial oyster farmer in 2010. Supported by Louisiana Sea Grant Dr. John Supan’s experiences in oyster research and development, and the facilities of the Oyster Hatchery, Jules Melancon started his pioneer oyster nursery in Grand Isle. Jules is also partnered with global seafood tycoon Jim Gossen (picture not available), the CEO of Louisiana Foods in Houston, Texas on oyster farming in Grand Isle. This Drill-Free oyster cage Jules is currently using has been approved by Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries and has become the only officially approved oyster farming cage in Louisiana.


Southern Wire

This was Jules’ grandfather’s oyster boat loaded with oysters. In 2010, after 200 years of bottom dredging and Oil Spill, the good old days were coming to an end in Grand Isle.



Doris Li and Dr. John Supan at Jules Melancon’s nursery (2010)

Photo taken by LSU Coastal Agent Alan Matherne